And then there was sun…

March 16, 2010

Woke up this morning to the sound of bird song and the sight of a brightening blue sky.  After days and days of relentless rain (sometimes windswept and pounding, sometimes light and airy), it looks like the puddles and pools left behind might get some time to sink in…I’m thinking that a lot of my spring plants are going to be putting in an appearance over the next few days.  Time for me to clean up all the garden beds, cut back the rose bushes and climbing vines…get everybody ready for warmer weather.

Hus says I only portray him in the best light when I mention him in blogland…well, it is really easy most of the time.  He has been home for only a couple of days and already our house is back on its way to being in order.  Ahhhh…every ADD disorganized crazy woman’s dream!!!  Now my brain can cope with finishing our taxes and registering our cars and organizing paperwork…easier for me to do the things I’m good at when he does the things he’s better at first!

30 years ago today, I was in day 2 of my long, slow labor with my first-born…she was to be born in the wee, wee hour after midnight on St. Patty’s day 1980…what a gift.  She has heard too many times the story of my roommate at EMMC…here we were, 29yo hus and me and our precious little girl we had planned for and waited for, while in the bed next to us was the barely-teenaged girl who hid her pregnancy from EVERYONE by cinching her belt tighter and tighter and her shell-shocked parents and sibs and her tiny baby girl struggling with infections and ailments exacerbated/caused by the child’s total lack of prenatal attention…sometimes, I wonder what happened to that poor, sick little baby and the clueless child who was her mom…

Time to get going…I know I have water-damaged ceilings to deal with at the office…we turned into Ace Furniture Movers yesterday, trying to save the furniture and records of our therapist neighbor…timing was excellent, though, as building management happened to be holding a meeting of the family owners of the building and they all got to see the damage firsthand!  I’ll be interested to see if the ceiling cracks have crept any further overnight…


2 Responses to “And then there was sun…”

  1. Al Pallas Says:

    Yes, and the day you gave birth to that beautiful child, it made me a grand father for the first time. That word made me feel my age(about time you say), but was the beginning of a wonderful life as a grand father. Thanks to you and your hubby for helping fulfil my life with happiness and love. I love Y’All

  2. karen Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so happy to see the sun. Although….I did work at a summer camp a few summers ago when we had rain all summer long! Still dealing with roads closed all over town. Thank God I live in a condo on the second floor so no flooding problems for me.

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