Fevered dreams and I CAN’T STILL BE SICK…

March 15, 2010

What a week was last week…a cold, the flu, what the heck is this sickness that has grabbed hold of me?  I have already complained in my last couple of blogs about how crummy I feel.  But Friday night, the fevered dreams started…ohmygosh, no fun.  I would wake up dripping wet everywhere, puddles of sweat in the crook of my elbows and knees, ringlets forming in my sweat-drenched hair, my pjs ice-cold with sweat…horrible as that was, worse was the memory of the dreams that came flooding back as soon as I awoke.  Detailed, complicated, action-packed dreams that stayed perfectly clear and were remembered for a long time after I awoke.  Friday night and the wee hours of Saturday morning, two of them…Saturday night, one more…sweats last night, but no dream, thankfully.  The Saturday night dream is completely the fault of CBS News 48 Hours and involved me gently readying three children to be put in jail…no more, I don’t want any more of these crazy dreams.  I also want to feel well again…it is hard knowing that I am not sick enough to stay in bed and sleep all day, which is what I really want to do, but still woozy and wheezy and groggy enough to make work and household chores more than my body wants to contemplate.

OK, that’s my last illness-induced, sickly and cranky post.  I definitely feel better than I did yesterday and yesterday was better than the day before.  And at least my illness will eventually go away, unlike the illnesses of some of my best friends and family members.  Stop whining, StarStruk!


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