Little bits…

March 3, 2010

The sugaring buckets are starting to appear on the sides of maple trees…does that mean the trees have given up on winter and are officially announcing spring?

It is really sad when my most concentrated daily exercise comes from running up and down the front stairs of my office (we are on the second floor of a converted 3 story house)…I only have to go down once, to unlock the front door each morning, so I decided that I would make that my introduction to more exercise.  The first morning, I ran up and down twice; the second morning three times…today, it will be three or four (I’m playing it by ear).  It’s a start!<G>

We’re supposed to get snow today and tonight, but it is so warm (mid 30s to 40s), it won’t accumulate much…they are forecasting a “spring-like weekend.”  Good for audiences for our shows this weekend, sad for me that I won’t have the feet of snow I have been wishing for.  I just hope we’ll get one more massive snowfall this winter.

Balance…such a hard state to attain, even harder to maintain…I am working towards balance, one step at a time.


One Response to “Little bits…”

  1. karen Says:

    We went for breakfast Sunday at our favorite Parker’s Maple Barn and they not only had the buckets on the maple trees, the woman said they were going to start boiling next weekend!

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