Now, this is more like it…

February 17, 2010

We finally got some snow yesterday!  Snow was falling lightly as I drove to work, fine ride.  More snow in my hometown than in my worktown.  But, instead of doing what the forecasters predicted, there was no midday break…it snowed all day, turning to a cold, snowy light rain later last night.  Woke up this morning to the sound of snowblowers all around the neighborhood.  We only got 5″ or so, but it is beautiful, heavy, tree branch coating snow.  Ahhhhh…this is more like it. 

Blue, early morning snow!

Beautiful blue snow morning


Through a screened window darkly


My husband laughs ruefully every time he gets into my car.  My car is an extension of my purse…I freak out if I don’t have everything around me that I might somehow someday need.  I always have an assortment of audiobooks (heaven help me if I finish one and don’t have another one to pop in), a book or two, a scarf or two, receipts for the tax file, packages waiting to be mailed…makes perfect sense to me.  A snapshot this morning of the inside of my car would reveal the soul of a compulsive, disorganize yet perfectly organized, community theater addict.  Right now, my car has two long mirrors to install backstage so we can do make-up, hair and costumes next week, a box containing three rolling garment racks to hold said costumes, a pair of old-fashioned white sneakers and a pair of glittery flip flops to complement said costumes, a can of silver hair spray for the final scene, a baby gift for the most beautiful baby, born too long ago to two friends, which was shipped by the Etsy creator to me instead of to my friends, and a box from Overstock containing two sheets which I purchased thinking they were sheet sets…duh…have to return it, but there it sits.  And of course, this does NOT include the four boxes I have sitting in our library, waiting since Christmas to be sent to my children (not Christmas presents, but…).  My desk at work is a moderate version of my car and, if it weren’t for my wonderful hus, our house would eventually explode!  Sigh… 

Yes, the passenger seat of my car


Back seat of my for more!


One Response to “Now, this is more like it…”

  1. karen Says:

    I’ve been in some community theater plays and know exactly what you mean. Do you have any use for three hats ornately decorated with fake flowers and beads?

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