February 11, 2010

Our poor TV weatherman came on the 5am news apologizing profusely for a blown weather prediction.  We here in greater Boston have watched all “our” snow falling south of us.  When the weatherfolk predicted that the next storm, threatened to hit midday Wednesday (yesterday), would bring up to a foot of snow, schools closed early, businesses let out early, people worked from home, community theater board meetings were cancelled (ahem!)…we were READY.  And then almost nothing happened.  We got some light snow, then some cold rain, then some light snow…we ended up with a few inches, but Boston itself got barely an inch.  As I lie here blogging, I’m surprised to hear that one of my neighbors has the snowblower out…maybe just because the few inches we DID get are the first we’ve had in a while.  Ah, well, it COULD have happened and all the precautions that were taken WOULD have worked beautifully if we had actually gotten the predicted amounts of snow at the predicted times of day.  We’re ready in case of the real thing. 

Earthquakes, floods/landslides, record weather conditions…hmmmm… 

Are you ready for the Winter Olympics?  I LOVE all Olympics and will be watching as much as I can (around rehearsals and polishing my lines, I promise).  What I love most about the Olympics is watching people excel in little-known sports…sports hardly anyone would watch on TV any other time of the year (although I did recently watch coverage of an international biathlon, men on skis with guns)…curling, luge, biathlon, ski jumping and more…give me more! 

And, of course, speaking of rehearsals… 

The Dixie Swim Club

The Dixie Swim Club


One Response to “Oops…”

  1. karen Says:

    I LOVE the Olympics too! I can’t wait! I’m hooked on snowboarding….watching it, not doing it.

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