A long time gone…

February 4, 2010

Life has left me feeling as if I’m drowning lately.  I find that I can go a certain length of time managing a somewhat complicated schedule and then WHAM!  There is always so much that needs doing and I am TERRIBLE at making and keeping lists.  My boss is my list role model…she is an incredibly efficient list maker and list item checker-offer…I would LOVE to be more like her in that area.  But I’m not.  Without lists, however, I am becoming increasingly inefficient and constantly afraid that I am forgetting something important.

I think one of the reasons I have trouble with lists is that I would be horrified to see everything I SHOULD be doing written down in one place.  Keeping my to-dos in my head allows me the fantasy of thinking that I can do it all.  Then weeks like this one bring home reality.  I have said yes a few too many times.

Right now, I am working two part-time jobs (legal assistant) and one full-time job (community theater), with the administration of a summer rental property and blogging and facebook and maintaining a relationship with my husband of 34+ years thrown in as spare time activities.  Needless to say, I am falling way behind in a number of those areas.  The fact that hus (when he is home) is a great homemaker is the only thing saving me from falling off the edge of the world.  And this is the same man who spends hours holding book for me as I struggle to learn lines for our upcoming winter show, The Dixie Swim Club…what a great guy he is…and, in a few days, he will attain the lofty position of being a year older than I (our birthdays are exactly one month apart)…every year, he gloats almost daily for the month.

Finally, our little Sophie-cat has recovered beautifully from her surgeries of last week…she was spayed and had a big ol’ ugly abscess removed.  She was very quiet and sleepy for the first three days, and then it was as if she woke up and was completely back to her old, active, whirling-dervish self.  Night before last, I was awakened by the sounds of thundering cat paws pounding down the hall, into the office, back down the hall, into the bedroom, tussle tussle tussle, chase chase chase…Sophie and Phoebe were celebrating Sophie’s return to a normal cat’s life.


3 Responses to “A long time gone…”

  1. Laura Says:

    Sometimes when I have too (or three) much to do the most important part of me Is squashed.
    Being “idle” can be my saviour. Remembering that I am alive and experiencing it…..
    Easy to say and hard to do, worth putting on the list.

  2. Dad Says:

    Lets see? If you have been married to Peter for 34+ years, you must have been all of 14 when you married him. That is the way the two of you look to me. Aquarius is a great sign. You will get through all that is going on, as you always have, the matriarch of four beautiful young ladies.

  3. Heather Says:

    I think you put your finger on my reluctance to do lists (I used to do them). The horror of realizing all I am expecting (and expected) to get done. Bingo.

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