Poor little Sophie…

January 27, 2010

Sophie had her “wellness” check today…she turned 6 months on January 21, and we knew it was time to get her in to see the vet.  We had noticed a little swelling in the little valley where her leg joins her belly, but she was still wrestling with her sibs, racing around the house and leaping in the air after lady bugs…so we weren’t overly worried.  We were, however, glad we had this appointment already scheduled.  Well, her feline leukemia/feline AIDS tests came back negative, she has now had all her shots, her weight is good (5 pounds and a few ounces) and they were in love with our sweet little cat.  However, the doc didn’t like the swelling, suspecting a hernia.  They had an opening tomorrow, so tomorrow morning, I’ll drop Sophie at the vet’s so she can be spayed and have them look around inside.  I’m hoping that they will let us pick her up tomorrow night.  Fingers crossed that all goes well.

OK, I can stall no longer…off to work on my lines…


One Response to “Poor little Sophie…”

  1. karen Says:

    Poor Sophie….but she’ll feel even better after it’s all over. Just baby her with some ice cream and girlie movies and she’ll feel great!

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