I am an addict…

January 27, 2010

Yes, I will be the first to admit that I have an addictive personality.  Don’t know if it is related to my ADD, but…

Our HD cable service has been acting up for the last couple of days.  I spent time yesterday morning with a Comcast rep, but due to the fact that it was 5am and I wasn’t able to provide helpful details about what was wrong, nothing was solved.  This morning, I armed myself with facts and details and discovered that whatever is wrong, it can’t be solved remotely.  We currently have an appointment for a technician to come out and personally check out our cable, but not until Sunday night.  Good thing it isn’t Super Bowl weekend!  The sad part is that the last two mornings, I have felt unsettled and confused without my Way Too Early with Willie Geist and my Morning Joe!  Read a book?  Clean house?  Sort through piles and piles of papers?  WAAAHHHH…I want my TV!!!! {Note:  I am equally distraught when my internet goes down or my computer crashes.}

Sophie the wonder cat has her first vet appointment today…a wellness check that will be followed by a [shhhhh….spaying] appointment.  She turned 6 months on the 21st and it is high time she got her tubes tied.  For the first time, we had a little trouble actually pulling the trigger on this decision.  Sophie is the most beautiful cat and has a fantastic personality.  We thought [very briefly] about having a litter of her kittens.  But that is just too irresponsible…too many cats are out there reproducing more cats who are out there reproducing more cats…you get the picture.  We have always been responsible cat parents and we will be responsible with Sophie, too…but isn’t she just the cutest thing?

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have a Sophie clone of your own?


2 Responses to “I am an addict…”

  1. Ragtop Day Says:

    She is beautiful! If my kids weren’t allergic I would be first in line for a clone! You’re doing the right thing though. Spay and neuter your pets!

    Maybe your shows are available online?

  2. Carol Says:

    She’s beautiful but I would think so as I almost do have a clone of her. My Snowy looks just like her only long fur. Snowy was all white at birth (how she got her name) but has darkened up over the years, yet still has similar markings as Sophie. Unreal!

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