May I call in sick today?

January 20, 2010

Political commentary included, read on at your own risk.<G>

This has been an AWFUL week.  The pictures and stories coming out of Haiti are stunning, stupefying, heart wrenching.  An already hideously poor country trying to recover from devastation, piles of bodies, amputations without anesthesia, people dying from cuts and scrapes that become infected for want of a little water and ointment…horror after horror after horror.  I try to focus on the good that has come out of this…people have been donating and volunteering and even traveling to Haiti to help…too bad it takes something so awful to bring out the best in some people.

I am a registered independent.  That said, I usually vote Democratic because their interests/stands and mine often coincide.  I voted for Martha Coakley with gritted teeth.  She is a good and strong and compassionate attorney general, but as a politician, I never got the sense that she had anything special to contribute.  However, I could not in good conscience vote for Scott Brown.  We share almost no political beliefs or ideals.  I was really hoping that President Obama would have at least ONE term to get his agenda across and health care and jobs policies in place and helping people.  I’m lucky enough not to need a whole lot extra from the government, but I’m also realistic enough to know that I am one disaster away from needing LOTS.  I want people to care about other people.  On the bright side, though, perhaps this election will wakes us all up…maybe now we can work on working together to do what is right, to come up with something that we can all support and believe in.

And to top it all off, the snow that we have gotten over the last two days has been a huge disappointment…heavy, wet, slushy…if it is going to snow, it should SNOW!!!!

The cherry on top of my pity sundae is that my glasses are broken (wearable, but they are frameless and the connection point for the nose piece drilled into the glass came loose and my progressives slide all over my face) and, according to Cambridge Eye (on my insurance list), they cannot be fixed.  Fortunately, my authorized, biennial eye exam and new glasses have kicked in, so I was able to get that done and order a new pair of glasses.  The bad news is that it takes 7-10 business days for my new glasses to be made and mailed back to Cambridge Eye…here we are, past the 10 days and still no new glasses.  ACK!!!!  I would use my new contacts except that I CAN’T SEE VERY WELL OUT OF MY LEFT CONTACT!  And my follow-up appointment isn’t until sometime in February.  Sigh…my fingers are crossed that they call today and I am able to retire my poor broken glasses to the back-up eyeglass case.

Wonder what kind of a person starts a blog post with Haiti and its awfulness and ends it with something so petty as wishing my brand new glasses arrive soon?


4 Responses to “May I call in sick today?”

  1. karen Says:

    Calling in sick from Life….I like that.

  2. patti Says:

    You know dear sweet Lynna, I think there are a lot of connecting threads between the horrors happening in Haiti and broken glasses and political races gone bad. And all of them have to do with our ability to see the truth in things and being able to bear it. Maybe we all should take a sick day and think about how we contribute to making the world a more compassionate place. ya know. I know you do that everyday.

  3. Heidi Lou Says:

    Hey, I bought a couple pairs of really inexpensive glasses from, which was recommended by Marcia and I think also by RagTopDay. You should order a pair or two to have as spares … or just for fun. I have a pair of blue glasses and another pair of purple glasses – just for fun – because they were so cheap. But it’s nice to know I have spares, just in case something goes wrong with my expensive Lenscrafter glasses.

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