Some days it is harder than others…

January 14, 2010

Some days, I feel driven to blog…something or somethings run around my mind and beg to be let out on paper.  Other days, anything I might write is dwarfed by what is happening in the world around me.  These last few days have been more about the latter.  The earthquake in Haiti has brought so much horror and devastation to an already desperately poor and fractured little country, it is hard to write anything frivolous.  We immediately made a donation (I chose Boston’s Partners in Health [] for our first donation because I know someone who works with them and know that they are in place to help), we have so much, they have so little.  I read and watch coverage and marvel at how much we learned from the devastaion of New Orleans about getting there quickly (it took 5 days for the government to mobilize and get actual assistance to NO, and the delay cost NO and its residents hugely in the short and long term).  Sad to watch the planes carrying aid and aid workers and equipment that are circling the airport, unable to land because the airport was damaged.  And time is a luxury that the Haiti doesn’t have.  So much to do…

The other thing that tragedies such as these bring to the forefront the fact that there is so much need here in my own country.  The lion’s share of my annual contribution to the public good is my years of service as a member and President of my local community theater group.  It is a not-for-profit arts organization that provides (or so we like to believe) food for the mind and soul.  But right now, food for the mind and soul is being sacrificed for food for the belly.  So, as I try to make a good plan for making donations that make the most difference, I wonder what YOUR favorite charities might be?  I am a fan of Heifer International, the Red Cross and my local food pantry, with the occasional response to an emergency situation such as Haiti.  How about you?  Anything I am missing?


One Response to “Some days it is harder than others…”

  1. Marcia Says:

    I always donate through UMCOR (United Methodist Corps of Relief) not only because its my church but because 100% of donations go directly to relief efforts…..the church (fundened by the apportionments members pay) covers all the administrative costs, so I know when I put an offering toward this special relief fund it will ALL end up going to Haiti.

    Unfortunately, the director of UMCOR was in Haiti when the earthquake hit, addressing medical and other needs in the area, and it was reported today that while he was alive yesterday and buried in the ruins of the hotel where he was staying, he died today.

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