January 10, 2010

Brrrrr….We have already hit what is supposed to be our high today….25.7 degrees on a bright, sunshiny day.  We started out the morning at zero degrees…watched hus don a pair of silkies and another pair of long johns over them then pants then layers of tops and neck and head gear and thick socks and his best cold weather boots, all topped by a thick sweatshirt and best cold weather jacket…all so that he could join his buddies at Foxboro Stadium to tailgate and then watch the Patriots hopefully take apart the Baltimore Ravens.  Hus’ contribution to tailgating was a gorgeous smoked brisket (smoked yesterday on our own Weber out on the deck) and homemade by his own hands bacon cheddar corn bread and a bottle of Crown.  I’m watching from the comfort of my bed, after having cleaned up the kitchen in the wake of hus’ cooking spree (he does like to make a mess when he cooks!) and after folding loads and loads of laundry (only two more and we are done for a while).  Now I need to put together publicity and marketing info for Dixie Swim Club so we can update our website and let folks know that we have, so to speak, changed horses in midstream.  Then I have a script to mark up and lines to start learning (I’m playing Sheree Hollingsworth, the swim team captain and oh-so-organized and put together friend — so NOT typecast).  Lots more on my to-do list, but that’s what counts today.

Go Patriots!  And look for hus way out there in the nosebleeds somewhere!


2 Responses to “GO PATS!!!”

  1. karen Says:

    OUCH! Sorry Hubby went to see that game…we just watched it at my brother’s house and it was sad, sad, sad.

  2. Dad Says:

    I know that this is days later, but I am so sorry that the Pats lost. Judy and I know the feeling of going to a tailgate party(UCLA games at the Rose Bowl)and downing a few. Then reality sets in after the game, you either are high with a win or depressed with a loss. Usually Judy would drive home, your father was to far gone by then to drive. Hope all the sadness is gone and you all will somehow enjoy the rest of the playoffs. You are one heck of a super daughter, in all ways.

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