Boxing day blues…

December 26, 2009

Well, not exactly blues…it is one of those “I am SO glad it happened while they were here” scenarios.  My in-laws came to visit for Christmas.  They take the bus down from Maine to our house in greater Boston…now, that is pertinent mostly because dad-in-law will be 96 in a few days and he has mobility issues…walks with a cane, should use a walker.  We rented a lightweight wheelchair (something he loathes) because it is a long haul from where the bus leaves them and the car.  All went well, they arrived, he sat in the wheelchair without protest and home went the group.  Of course, the one you worry about is never the one who ends up in trouble.  My mum-in-law passed out in the middle of the night Wednesday night; we heard her fall and hus found her unconscious in the hallway.  She has a seizure disorder, so appropriate action was taken, we determined she had hurt her back in the fall but that she was didn’t seem to have broken anything and was otherwise okay.  We set up a system using our cordless phone’s pager system so that she could call us in the night if she needed us.  Since then, we have administered Tylenol and a heating pad to help her with her back pain and have tried to keep a good eye on her neurological condition.  We decided that if her back wasn’t better by today, we would call her neurologist in Maine for advice.  We ended up in the ER this morning; hus drove her to our nearby hospital and I stayed home with dad-in-law.  Hours later, now, it has been determined (after a CAT scan) that she is fine except for some imbalances in sodium and something else, so they have admitted her for tonight.  Still awaiting a final update from hus…think he’ll be home later tonight and that we will decide tomorrow what happens next.

Both mum- and dad-in-law are saying how much they regret all this happening while they are down visiting, but I’d rather think that it is a blessing that they were here with us when it happened.

Guess there was a good reason we rented the wheelchair this time, the first time we have ever done it.  Sigh…


3 Responses to “Boxing day blues…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    Wow, what an adventure! But I agree with you that it’s good it happened while you and hus were there to help. Hope everyone is back to normal soon!

  2. karen Says:

    It’s so tough having elderly parents. I know…I’m in the middle of it. Good Luck…hope Mom-in-law is okay.

  3. Dad Says:

    You and Peter are good son and daughter in law, along with other good traits. My best to Joe and Kathy. Hope they are doing better. Tell Joe, I would fight the ride also(but it is a good idea), and can understand not wanting to be pushed in a wheel chair(although some may want to do it down a ski slope) . Love to the whole family.

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