It’s beginning to feel a lot like…

December 19, 2009

The storm that is heading up the coast from the South is baffling the weatherfolk…every day, the possible totals rise a bit, the ferocity of the storm increases…I think we are now up to 4-8″ here in greater Boston, but parts of the Cape may get LOTS more than that.  It will be interesting to see what actually happens when it starts, which is now forecast to be sometime tonight.  I’m secretly hoping for feet, but I know it isn’t going to happen.

I’m finally starting to feel a bit of Christmas spirit.  Looking forward to setting up the guest room for the in-laws (means moving my big geraniums out into the dining room…guest room is the sunniest, warmest room in the house and the geraniums LOVE it)…think I may splurge on new towels for the guest bathroom.  When we are all set up, I’ll venture into the attic for the box of Christmas stuff.  We need just a few things for the Norfolk Island pine and bits and bobs of shiny things for various surfaces.

I’m going to try to take advantage of a couple of longer weekends ahead to get my phone and computer organized.  I have a Blackberry Storm that is full of things I could use if only I knew how to use them.  I also just discovered that I pay for GPS…have never used it, have a Garmin in the car…hmmmm….wonder what else I’ve got and am paying for that I don’t know about.  Time to do some investigating.  And we finally got our family pack of Windows 7 upgrade, so I need some time to figure out how to get my laptop into shape for the upgrade.  I have an amazing 160GB hard drive which is almost full…how can that be????  I have most of my documents and photos moved over to the external hard drive and it is still full.  I wonder how one figures out what is necessary and what not to run the laptop.  When I go to the “delete programs” program, the names of the files are quite beyond me.  Is it worth taking in somewhere to have it cleaned out?  I just worry so much about losing major programs I’ve paid for, such as Office and Publisher, and minor ones I’ve downloaded.  I never imagined I could fill 160GB.  What a blessing to have a couple of long weekends to fuss with it all.

OK, off to try to accomplish some of what needs accomplishing!  Happy Saturday to all…


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