Ho, ho, ho…

December 16, 2009

For me, this holiday season has been, so far, slow and easy.  The house isn’t decorated yet and our Norfolk Island pine is patiently awaiting sparkle and twinkle (this weekend, I think).  I got the kids’ Christmas packages filled and mailed (the hardest part) yesterday, so that pressure is off.  Hus and I are foregoing big gifts to each other this year in favor of contributing to our house repair fund (lots of wood that needs tending and clapboard nails that need to be renailed), so that pressure is off. My in-laws arrive a few days before Christmas, so there will be lots of good food and companionship…and experimentation with alcoholic beverage recipes we have been collecting.

I LOVE reading other people’s blogs.  A lot of them are listed on my blogroll…I have wide and varied interests.<G>  It is also THE very best way to keep up with SillyTaterTot , NightAtTheHops, MrAndrewIan and Brigid’s Garden…wish more family members blogged (hint, hint!)…

My community theater group is funded by ticket sales, advertising and grants.  Over the first many years, we built up a healthy balance, but times have been tough everywhere.  For the past few years, we have applied for grants which have allowed us to purchase equipment we would otherwise not be able to afford, which, in turn, allows us to put on higher quality shows for our “community.”  I just received notice that it is time to apply for this year’s grant from a local group that has been very generous in the past.  As I get ready to decide what would best enhance our group’s abilities, I wonder what, if anything, you all want/need from your local community theater groups.  Do you go see shows?  Work on shows?  Are you even aware of groups in your area?  Just curious.  I’m also always on the hunt for community opinions as to what shows they would like to see…drama, comedy, classical, modern…what would bring you into the audience?  Drop me a comment if you have anything to share.


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