Mouse Hunting 101…

December 11, 2009

Don’t read if you are squeamish about cat and mouse activities…

It has been fascinating to watch the cat dynamics in this house since we brought Sophie home.  When we brought Phoebe and Puck home the year before, we only had to deal with crotchety old Buddy, who wasn’t going to like ANY other animal we brought in.  When Sophie came home, it was much more complicated, with Phoebe and Buddy as mistress/master of all they surveyed.  We have seen signs recently of Phoebe starting to interact more with Sophie…the two of them play chase all over the house and Phoebe no longer hisses at Sophie unless she is doing something really stupid.  Even Buddy has been seen watching the girls play with a slightly interested, possibly tinged with a desire to participate look in his eyes.

Sometime in the wee hours of this morning, I was awakened by the squeak of a mouse and the thump thump thump of cats playing with their new toy.  This is not uncommon, as Phoebe loves to bring me her prey.  However, when I pried my eyelids open and followed the sound, I discovered that Phoebe had brought her young protegé Sophie a toy…a tiny mouse…Sophie chased that mouse all over the bedroom, batting it with her paw, watching it run, catching it, batting it, the soccer game she plays with her stuffed mouse toy….all well and good, except that she had no idea what else she was supposed to do with it.  Phoebe kept watch and occasionally entered into the bat the mouse game, but mostly just observed.  At one point, Sophie got tired of the game and lost the mouse…she loped back to Phoebe, who cuffed her and who then ran off in search of the little mouse.  At that point, I lost interest in this game and went back to sleep…as I drifted off, I heard Phoebe teaching Sophie what any self-respecting mouse hunter knows…how to finish the job.

I’m only sorry that Phoebe saw fit to conduct this seminar in my bedroom…they had the whole rest of the house in which to hold the event, but they chose my bedroom.  I guess I need to be alpha cat if it ever happens again and instruct them as to appropriate venues.


One Response to “Mouse Hunting 101…”

  1. Laura Says:

    Curious…there seem to be more mice in house up in the NE than in the SE.
    Erin has had a lot of visitors too. We stick to palmettos, although, I really almost think i prefer a nice mouse.

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