Snow, wind, rain, wind…

December 10, 2009

What a day yesterday…woke up to a few inches of snow with more still falling.  It took me an hour and 45 minutes to drive the half hour drive to work…traffic piled up the whole way…never did figure out what was slowing everyone down unless people were spinning out on hills.  Halfway through the day, the snow got wetter and by late afternoon, it was POURING rain with howling winds.  Of course, by late afternoon, I was hunkered in front of the fire with a cat purring and headbutting me and being absolutely adorable.  My dinner consisted of sliced fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinaigrette (the tomatoes I had planned to use were past their “use by” date – beautiful on the outside, rotten to the core) as I waited for hus to make his way through the pouring rain home again home again.  His major dinner revelation was slipping a hunk of brie into his tomato soup…he said it was fantastic.  He also made a mixture of plain hummus with spices of his choice, microwaved briefly, that he swore was delicious.

I am the oldest of four sisters a total of less than five years total between us.  My next-in-age sister, who lives in Las Vegas, fosters kittens in her spare time.  She shared today on Facebook that two unneutered male cats, 8 kittens and their mother were turned into the shelter…they came from a foreclosed home.  You hear this kind of thing a lot, people getting into money trouble and dumping their animals, but leaving a group of cats closed in an abandoned home is just shocking and awful and cruel.  It takes my breath away.  I guess in a world where people go hungry all the time, I shouldn’t be so naive.  But Pollyanna still lives large in my psyche.

Another gray day today…let’s see what I can do to get a little light into my day.<G>


One Response to “Snow, wind, rain, wind…”

  1. Erin Says:

    it was so crazy outside!! and i was out there all day walking dogs! i’ve been subbing at Adams Montessori School in Quincy, and it’s really fun! i want to come see your kitten!! >hint hint!!< =D

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