It’s beginning to look a lot like…

December 6, 2009

…winter!  We got a few inches of gorgeous, sparkly white snow last night…first thing this morning, the only thing despoiling the glistering perfection on the back lawn, looking out from my bedroom window, are the cat prints and other deep holes that hus says are cat leaps.  Ahhhh…I love the snow when it is fresh fallen. 

I see some adventurous culinary time in our future today…brie with an apricot/red pepper jelly topping, mac and cheese, cranberry martinis…still have leftover whirled bean dip and am trying to figure out what to do with a package of radishes, other than just trimmed and served whole with a tiny bowl of salt (yummmm…).  What would you do with a bag of radishes (nothing nasty, please)? 

I know I talk constantly about our cats, but they are the greatest source of almost free entertainment.  Kittens are a given…their antics are endless and humorous and just plain amusing…as I type this, Sophie (now 4+ months) is totally focussed on hiding her toy mouse under a sheet of the popcorn plastic packing stuff, attacking the sheet, extricating the mouse, tossing it across the room, attacking the sheet and transporting it across to the mouse…on and on until she just collapses in a snoring heap.  Then there is Phoebe, the large and solid dilute calico (now 1 year, 4+ months), who is the calmest, most serene cat we have ever owned.  She tolerates little Sophie, who “dogs” her heels, begging to play.  Phoebe is far too {sophisticated?}{mature?} to play, but she does deign to indulge in a brief game of chase occasionally.  Pope k/n/a Buddy is now at least 14, our enormous hairball Maine coon cat…he is a curmudgeon (catmudgeon?) who spends a lot of time outside and in the basement but who comes up for a good scratch and snuggle at least once a day.  He ignores Phoebe but Sophie is a different animal altogether.  She isn’t intimidated by him.  She respects his power, but that doesn’t stop her from stalking him when he sleeps…she is fascinated with his big, hairy tail…just fascinated.  He pretends to ignore her until she gets too bold, then hisses and feints at her…she runs a respectable distance away and hunkers down to watch him again.  Endless entertainment. 

Sophie in focus...

Sophie in focus...

Phabulous Phoebe

Phabulous Phoebe

Big ol' Buddy...

Big ol' Buddy...

Maybe later I’ll get some snow shots to share… 


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