Love my Wednesdays…

December 2, 2009

I get to come home early on Wednesdays and Wednesday has become one of my favorite days.  Worked hard at work, ran errands on the way home and then snuggled under a blanket on the reclining chair with a sweet tea vodka and lemonade at my left hand and the kitten spending time snuggled up with me and then snuggled into the cat bed in front of the fire (which is not lit).  Hus is playing Wii golf, the latest Tiger Woods (oh, Tiger….et tu, Tiger????) game.  I have bobbed back and forth between sitting in front of an empty screen in WordPress (not even a title until just now) and the book I’ve been trying to read for a while now.

Books…I am an addict and I am proud to admit it.  I used to read compulsively, sometimes 10 books a week.  Now that I have books on tape, I always have one going in my car and that seems to keep me going until I go on vacation.  On vacation, I read a lot, always packing at least 6 books to ensure a constant flow of reading material.  This last vacation, I took the recommendation of my sister Madame Librarian and picked up a bunch of books by Beverly Connor (Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation series).  I finished all of them but one in Maine, but had one last book to read to complete as much of the series as I have.  But I don’t read as much anymore, now that I follow a lot of blogs and keep up on Facebook and Twitter.  So I have made a conscious effort to finish this last book..Dead Guilty.  My goal is to finish it tonight…let’s see how I do.

I can’t leave you without showing you a series of photos of the kitten (quickly becoming a teenager) in action.  She is a kick in the pants!

Sleeping on mom's toesA relaxed sleeper

So relaxed, I'm about to fall off the bed...


One Response to “Love my Wednesdays…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    Cute toes!
    I miss reading like that! I haven’t heard of Beverly Connor so will have to check her out….when I find time.
    Oh, Tiger – can we just give it a rest and let he and his wife work through this?? What is wrong with us??

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