That’s why they call it a cat nap…

November 18, 2009

What a night last night…hus was away, so I shared my bed with baby Sophie kitten.  All was well until around 1am, when Sophie woke up and decided it was time to play…and she didn’t want to play alone.  She attacked my feet, purred and buzzed and head-butted my hands, turned over on her back and rabbit kicked me…after about ten minutes of this, she suddenly relaxed and fell sound asleep…too bad I couldn’t.  I finally fell asleep, only to be awoken by Phoebe the dilute calico jumping on the bed…she came up for a scratch and a snuggle, but little Sophie came instantly awake and decided to play with Phoebe…Phoebs was not happy with that and the two of them romped about the bed until Sophie flew off the end of the bed to try to draw Phoebe off…I’m sure you get the picture.  Then they both disappeared and I tried to get back to sleep again.  That worked until 3am, when I got up to use the WC…instantly, I had a little Sophie scrambling onto my lap, attacking my hand, falling off and trying to save herself by digging her tiny little claws into my flesh…sigh…let’s just say it was not a restful night.  As soon as hus gets home, we’re going to trim those tiny little SHARP claws…

But I do love my kitties…


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