Monday morning, rise and shine…

November 16, 2009

Sophie, the wonder cat, has either caught her first mouse or hijacked one of Phoebe’s freshly killed prey…she pranced into the bedroom moments ago with the mouse in her mouse.  She dropped it so I could see it and I praised her fulsomly as I went to get toilet paper to pick up the trophy and make it disappear.  Mouse is gone, kitten is pleased, we are all happy…didn’t think to take a photo of this first, it happens so frequently around here…

Is this sweet face the face of a killer?

Is this sweet face that of a killer?

I had a great weekend…two fine performances of Prelude to a Kiss, a wonderful cast party and a quick and orderly strike attended by all cast members…how cool is that?  Now to try to catch up on all the areas of my life that suffered the last few months…


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