Another opening redux

November 13, 2009

Tonight is our second opening night for Prelude to a Kiss.  I can’t wait to see what the actors bring us tonight…they have entranced me each night so far.  I also look forward each night to what I call the “wander” scene…the two actors meander from the bar to her apartment through a wonderland of gobo’d dappling and the faint sounds of crickets…ahhhh…so beautiful.  I will miss this show once it is done tomorrow night.

I am making a signature drink for tomorrow night’s cast party, a drink that I am calling Prelude to a Kiss.  I’m not giving anything away until after the party, want to be sure to surprise everyone.  It will, almost certainly, be vodka based.  I will, of course, also be bringing Molsons and Dewars (if you’ve read the play, you’ll get the references).

I will close today (sounds sepulchral, doesn’t it?) with something for which I’m thankful…I’m on a mission to remind myself of the good things in life.  I am SO thankful for my extended family.  I grew up in a home with my three sisters and my mom and my dad…around the corner lived my aunt and uncle and their 5 kids…in a different part of town lived my Grandma and Grandma…more aunts, uncles and cousins were a constant.  After my generation grew up and we all scattered to the four winds, it was really important to my Mom (G & G, to be more specific) that the family as a whole remain strong and connected.  She instituted family reunion every two or three years.  At first, we crammed up to 25 people into G & G’s little house in midcoast CA which overflowed with kids and imagination and really good food.  Since then, we have reuned in California, Washington, Idaho, Alaska and Maine…ocean and sand dunes, mountains and streams, rafting down the icy Coeur d’Alene River, reveling in the flora and fauna of Homer, climbing on the rocks of coastal Maine’s shore…the one constant is family and generations…so important to us.  So, thank you G & G for making it so important that we know each other and love each other, no matter what.


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