Morning musings…

November 12, 2009

Needed to start my Thursday morning with a little alliteration…it is that kind of day.  Thursdays aren’t Monday, with Monday’s attendant beginning of the long week blues.  Tuesday is a chance to catch up with what didn’t get finished on Monday.  Wednesday is hump day and Friday is…well, Friday.  Thursday is just that day that is stuck in between to hold a place.  Sometimes…

I’m writing something here, knowing that I am baring something I probably shouldn’t…I am a complete, total and utter dental phobe.  Because of the blessings of genetics, I was born with problematic teeth…little craters in each big tooth required instant filling.  A huge overbite necessitated orthodontia from childhood through the end of high school…what we called a “hayrake” installed in the roof of my mouth to stop tongue thrusting, retainers with wire, retainers with rubber bands, outside mouthpiece, braces…you name it, I had it.  Needless to say, this all meant hours and hours of my life sitting in a dentist’s chair with things in my mouth, shots of numbing meds that only sometimes numbed, misplaced injections, drills drills drills…you get the picture.  I never had a happy moment in that chair.

LPH overbite

Check out the overbite even after a couple of years of orthodontia.

Fast forward to adulthood, where going to the dentist is something I do only when I am in pain and can’t avoid it.  Yes, I know, if I went to the dentist regularly, I might be able to avoid these panic visits, but…now I’m in pain and I don’t like the dentist I’ve been seeing (well, I like him/her but don’t like how expensive and gadgety he/she is)…so I’m trying to find out if there is a dentist locally who caters to dental phobes and who is a good dentist (helpful if they accept my dental insurance )…not easy.  It is just one more thing on my list that has to wait until after strike (dismantling the set and returning the theater back to its native condition) to be done.  Waaahhhh…I just want someone to knock me out, do everything that’s needed on my teeth, then wake me up.  Too much to ask?

HUGE GRUMBLE…I don’t know if I mentioned in a prior post that I whacked myself in the glasses and they are broken…still useable, but seasick-making (progressives in wireless rims…important that it be calibrated perfectly, but mine are swinging to and fro).  I’m due new glasses with my vision insurance, but not until January.  So, I’m trying to make it through ’til then.  I tried my multi-focal contacts for one morning, but couldn’t see the computer screen well enough to do my work.  So, I continue to seek a temporary fix…worse comes to worse, I am going to take Hus up on his offer to slip a drop of super glue in to stabilize things.  I would have let him do it last weekend except that I am terrified it will get fixed in the wrong position.

So far, there is only one con to having a new kitten in the house.  The litter box.  Our cats are indoor/outdoor cats and they do all their “toileting” outside.  But Sophie isn’t fixed and she is an indoor cat until then.  So, we have reinstituted the litter box.  Silly me, I started with the Feline Pine that we used for the other cats, which is “green” but it isn’t scoopable.  And little Sophie, it turns out, has a very efficient elimination system.  She poops a LOT!  So, I guess I’m going to have to switch back to scoopable litter so that we can avoid the odor.  It’s funny the little things one forgets between kittens.


One Response to “Morning musings…”

  1. Dad Says:

    All I can remember is, how pretty you were then and now.

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