A lovely weekend gone…

November 9, 2009

After a satisfying opening night Friday, followed by one too many cosmos at the local watering hole, I slept in on Saturday morning…slept until 8, didn’t get out of bed for a long time after that.  Ahhhh…

After another performance Saturday night that had me grinning like a fool in the balcony as I watched, followed by just the right number of cosmos at the local watering hole and getting to know cast members in a very different way than I had over the course of rehearsals, I slept in again on Sunday morning.  Later Sunday, we made the most incredible thin crust pizza (my side was mozzarella, parmesan and carmelized onions sprinkled with a little garlic powder, huz had all that plus red bell pepper, black olives and sundried tomatoes) we have ever made…so thin it crunched, so tasty I ate half a large pizza in one sitting.  So not me…YUM!!!!!!  I then took a nap, woke up in time to go to bed and slept happily ever after.

Speaking of sleeping, I just LOVE having a kitten in the house again.  I know I have mentioned this ad nauseum since Sophie came home, but it is absolutely true.  She is fun to watch…every little sound or movement grabs her attention…she is already a mighty bug hunter and has dealt with her stuffed mouse over and over again, throwing it up in the air, turning flips trying to catch it, grabbing it in her teeth and shaking it mercilessly.  She is a blur of activity and then…she is asleep…sound asleep…so asleep that she falls over and doesn’t wake up…this morning, she was passed out on the top of one of my pillows…she started rolling down the pillow in slow motion, landing upside down on the bed snuggled up to me, still sound asleep.  Just ADORABLE.  I think that owning a kitten would have good therapeutic value in keeping the elderly and incapacitated amused for hours at a time.<G>

Sophie chasing a lady bug in the shower

Sophie chasing a lady bug in the shower



Settling in...


'night, 'night...



Can't you almost hear her snoring?

Finally, this whole blogging thing is so strange.  I blog because I love having an outlet for the thoughts that race randomly through my ADD brain.  Plus, both my children (plus my son-in-law who is now one of my children) blog and encouraged me to come along.  But it is funny that my blog randomly shows up on other social networking sites.  One of my friends pointed out to me Saturday night that my new blog posts show up on Plaxo, maybe similar sites.  So there are probably a lot of people out there for whom it might appear that I am attempting to force-read my ramblings.  Please feel free to ignore StarStruk by Life…also feel free to leave me comments!


2 Responses to “A lovely weekend gone…”

  1. lewis1212 Says:

    How did you make the crust? I could use a good thin crust pizza recipe.

  2. ragtopday Says:

    Congratulations on a successful show weekend! That coupled with cosmos and sleeping late sound perfect! Yes, please share the pizza crust recipe – thin crust pizza rocks!

    Our new puppy, Ruby, sounds a lot like Sophie. She sleeps a dead weight right next to me all night and I love, love, love it. Also, our puppy class teacher mentioned I might want to think about using her a therapy dog in nursing homes or schools because of her temperament, so I’ll give that some thought. Sophie sounds the same way!

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