Another openin’, another show…

November 6, 2009

Final dress went well last night, with just enough “crisis” to ensure that opening night will be brilliant!  I am so pleased with my actors…a combination of seasoned actors and newcomers.  They are awesome.  Plus, I hopefully found someone to run sound for me on closing night, one of the last little details that has had me awake at 3am freaking out.  Now it is pretty much out of my hands and into the capable hands of my stage manager, her backstage crew (thank you, Joe) and the actors.  My final contribution to the show is that I am running house lights.  And watching…

I am down to a couple of doses of ibuprofen a day to combat the funky back…much better.  Now it just aches instead of burning and throbbing and dominating my consciousness.

Dinner last night was a small chocolate shake from BK early, followed by three orders of apple fries after rehearsal.  I only mention that because many of the bloggers I follow are foodies and their blogs are always full of really healthy greens and veggies and smoothies.  My diet is normally a lot healthier than it has been recently…stress stress and more stress have made it really hard to eat as I should.  I’m working on the stress and making sure I have a good, BIG salad at least once a day.

And, the best news of all, IT IS FRIDAY!!!!!  Tomorrow is SATURDAY!!!!  I love weekends…have I mentioned that before???


4 Responses to “Another openin’, another show…”

  1. lewis1212 Says:

    Break a leg 🙂

  2. break a leg lynna…have a great run…

  3. ragtopday Says:

    Break a leg! I have no doubt it will be awesome – hope you’re able to enjoy it while it happening, and the back feels better.

  4. Alto2 Says:

    The worse the “dress,” the better the opening. Break a leg and enjoy the show!

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