One day closer…

November 5, 2009

Final dress rehearsal tonight for Prelude to a Kiss…it is always thrilling to see a show come together.  And I have a GREAT ensemble cast…they have been fun to work with and I will miss them in a couple of weeks.  Here’s hoping that my intimate little audience set-up has all the seats full for each of the four performances.  You won’t be sorry.

Doesn’t it always happen…?  This week has been a blur of things that need to be done, two days flat on my back in bed with heating pad and drugs, and MORE things that need to be done.  Then, on top of everything, I whacked myself in the eyes yesterday morning as I was putting the top up on my convertible and broke my glasses.  So, add in a trip to the eye doc’s office to get them fixed…I am absolutely blind without them.

I am LOVING having a kitten in the house again.  Sophie is a charmer in every possible way.  She is fearless…bounces from floor to bed to floor, down the stairs, up the stairs…Phoebe is starting to come around, appearing more frequently in Sophie territory (our bedroom), but still hisses and growls a little.  Only time will tell if they make friends with each other.  She is the cutest thing, too…one of her sisters is a gray tiger, one a siamese and then there is Sophie…she has faint stripes on her tail, the back of her head and on her legs…she has siamese colored fur and bright blue eyes…and, she has snowshoe feet.  So cute.  And even better, she is a bedroom cat, so far…she snuggles with me in bed most of every night.  I’m hoping that when the play is over and hus’ stories are in the can and we have more time at home, she doesn’t lose her bedroom qualities.

More Sophie


2 Responses to “One day closer…”

  1. Choff Says:

    She looks SO much like my Snowy it’s incredible. Plus, Snowy is definitely a bedroom cat too. We have our nightly routine she comes to the top of my pillow for her loving just before going to sleep.

  2. ragtopday Says:

    Sophie sounds like a sweetie! I’m sure Sophie and Phoebe will find their way with each other. I love bedroom animals too. Our new puppy Ruby is a great sleeping companion. She curls up as close to me as she can and stays that way all night – I absolutely love it!

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