November 2, 2009

I am watching a close and beloved relative come to terms with the end of his driving days.  At age 95, this is the last of his lifelong pleasures being taken away from him by the aging process.  My heart aches for him and I completely understand why he can’t let go, but sometimes facts just have to be faced.

I am trying to face up to a few truths myself, also aging related.  I can no longer do as much as I used to do without suffering consequences.  I am used to being a go-to girl, the female who was right in there with all the guys lifting and toting with ease.  I was always proud to favorably represent my gender in that area.  In my 40s, I had back surgery (a cyst had wrapped itself around a nerve) and was temporarily on light duty.  As the years went by, though, I found myself back to my old self.  At work, when there is heavy lifting, I am the one who does it…not because I have to, but because it is what I do.  At the theater, where help seems to be harder and harder to come by, a lot of my jobs involve heavy lifting.  After a pretty concentrated few weeks of physical work, my back up and gave notice last night that it was not pleased.  It felt like my back was glowing with pain.  The heating pad and bottle of ibuprofen have gotten me through the day today (well, the dose of a better drug I took earlier helped the most ) and I will be back up and around tomorrow, whether I should or not.  Because that’s just the kind of idiot person I am.

However, the speeches I gave my loved one this last summer are coming back to haunt me.  Sometimes, one just has to face the facts…getting old sucks, but it is better than the alternative.  And cliches are cliches because they are true…

Now back to my heating pad and the kitten who is snuggling with me and the football game/World Series game to put me back to sleep.


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