Snow? 59 to nothing? 11-0?

October 19, 2009

What a weekend…Saturday, which was supposed to be wet and stormy, turned out to be beautiful.  Sunday, I came out of rehearsal at 3:30pm to SNOW!!!!!  Big, fluffy, wet snowflakes falling out of the sky…it snowed the rest of the day, leaving nothing on the ground here, but any of you who watched the Patriots demolish the Titans yesterday, just down the interstate from us, saw that the snow did stick there.  Global warming?

The Phillies celebrated their homecoming with a Cliff Lee masterpiece…11-0 when all was said and done.

Speaking of rehearsal (Prelude to a Kiss, Upper Town Hall, runs Nov. 6, 7, 13 and 14…), what a wacky rehearsal we had yesterday.  Because of the inclement weather, the Breast Cancer Walk needed an indoor space for registration and fellowship.  I had Upper Town Hall reserved for my rehearsal.  Such a good cause, how could I say no?  So, the Breast Cancer Walk folks filled the Hall, while the Prelude folks huddled in chairs behind two sets of curtains to try to muffle the noise.  Noise muffling was not terribly effective, but my actors were TROUPERS and managed most of Act 1 off book.  I knew I had an excellent cast, but watching the show come together is magical…my actors ROCK!


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