Bits and pieces…

October 16, 2009

Snow?  October 16????  SNOW????  Now, we’re only talking a little bit, mixing with the rain, but please…

Baseball has me really uncomfortable right now…no Red Sox, so no automatic choice for me.  Although I love those family members and friends who are Yankee fans, I am not one.  Despite the fact that I was born in SoCal and was a Dodger fan all my young life and really respect Joe Torre, I am an active Manny despiser and loather and that overrides everything else.  I went to an Angels game once when I was a kid and again sometime in college, but I could never get excited about them.  That leaves me with the Phillies…at least for now.

The whole “balloon boy” spectacle yesterday has me scratching my head and wondering where reality TV has taken us.  Lots of families have stories about the sleeping child that was left at home or the kid who goes missing only to be found safe and sound…reality TV has people thinking that it is normal to share the most painful details of their lives with TV cameras…what is wrong with us?  I’m feeling quite  old fogyish about some things (“In my day, we…”) and this is one of them.  BUT WAIT!  I’m a blogger…who the heck am I to talk?  I just don’t know what to think…

Back to New England winters…my herbs and geraniums, which live outdoors in the summer, are back inside in their winter homes.  The geraniums are in the sunniest bedroom in the house, our guest room.  The herbs are on a table in front of the sliding glass door in the kitchen, waiting to be snipped and consumed.  The potatoes are all harvested and in the process of being eaten, as are the onions.  I haven’t figured out what to do with the four smallish red cabbages I finally harvested last weekend.  Right now, they are sitting on the kitchen counter, which I know can’t be good for them.  Good thing it is weekend…I see red cabbage on the menu!

Let me just say that I HATE waking up in the pitch dark, thinking it is probably 3am, discovering that it is 6!  That is probably the side effect of winter that affects me most…dark mornings, dark late afternoons…dark, dark, dark…I’m thinking of getting myself a full spectrum lamp for my office…actually, I’m GOING to get myself one.  Let’s see if it helps.

Finally, speaking of dark…I am a Chicos girl…bought my first Chicos clothes when I was young and childfree, back when it hurt to pay that kind of money for clothes.  But they were me.  Over the years, Chicos has grown with me…their Travelers tops and pants have taken over my closet.  I own about 3 of the same pair of black travelers pants and 3 of the same black travelers top and use them as a base for something colorful.  It hit me yesterday as I was getting ready for work, though, that there may be those who know me well who think that I must wear the same clothes day after day…what must they think of me?<G>  So, just in case you are wondering…


One Response to “Bits and pieces…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    I could have written a lot of this post myself! Snow!?! It’s already stopped here, and I knew it wouldn’t amount to anything, but still! If this is a harbinger of what is to come this winter, well, it’s not gonna be pretty.

    I have to admit, I don’t even care about baseball now that the Red Sox are out, but like you I cannot root for the Yankees and I can’t stand Manny. I have a friend from Philly so I guess I could throw my allegiance there, but I have an aversion to back-to-back wins, unless it’s my own team, so there’s that. And that brings me back to not caring.

    Balloon boy….not sure what to think of all that yet – from what little I’ve read it sounds awfully sad to me – both for him and what it says about our appetite for sensationalism.

    Off to check out Chico’s!

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