When long isn’t long enough…

October 12, 2009

Can’t believe another three day weekend has come and gone.  So many plans, so little actually accomplished.  We did get the toilet fixed…it should be back up and running tomorrow.  We did get the books dropped off to the book donation drop-off so that the front foyer is empty.  We did get to the grocery store and pick up fixings for some good eating this weekend.  I did get a To-Do List done and even got one or two things crossed off.  We got all the geraniums and herbs indoors for the winter.  And we got lots more old photos scanned in…can’t wait to get that project finished and an SD card of photos in the hands of my in-laws (for their beloved digital picture frame) and the kids.

This was also an extremely stressful weekend in sports…first the Red Sox were swept by the Angels and then the Broncos beat the Patriots…but worst of all was having to watch replays of our misery on Morning Joe and all the sports shows we watch.  Not nearly as much fun as winning the World Series and the Super Bowl!<G>

Oh, the biggest and kind of sad chore this weekend was harvesting the rest of the garden.  I ate a mess of roasted brussels sprouts (with a little olive oil, salt, balsamic vinegar and then a splash of maple syrup before eating…incredibly yummmm…wish I had more.  Next year.  We also harvested lots of white and red potatoes which are now sitting in a closed paper bag for a couple of days before we move them into the potato drawer.  The red onions are out on the deck, letting the green ends dry up so we can store them.  And that is it for our 2009 garden.  Time to plow everything under, sow a winter crop and dream of 2010 veggies…

Speaking of dreaming…time to have one more sleep before going back to work and real life…I don’t wanna, but I must.


One Response to “When long isn’t long enough…”

  1. Hope Says:

    Came here to catch up and see how you are. Love you and am keeping you close in thought!

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