The blessings of life…

September 16, 2009

A friend of mine noted the other day that I have so many things to be happy for in my life…sometimes it is good to stop and think about all the good…

I have an amazing husband…he drives me absolutely bonkers on occasion, but 34 years and counting, I wouldn’t trade him.  He completes me.  I have amazing children…they aren’t perfect, but they are all doing the best they can and that is pretty darned good.  And they are always entertaining.<G>  I have an inspiring Mom and Dad and steps-who-are-adored and in-laws who embraced me. I have sisters and cousins and aunts and uncles…we live worlds apart, but my Mom made appreciating family a big deal for all of us and we have an amazingly close network among us.

I have friends…friends who put up with my antisocial behaviors…friends who are there when I need them…friends who challenge me to be better.  I have new friends and I even have some old friends.  They are all important to me.

I have plenty to eat…I eat whatever I want from wherever I want.  I have too many clothes…an embarrasment of riches when so many have so little.  I live in a big house with a big lawn and lots of room for me to garden…room for me to be peaceful when I am outside.  If my car breaks, I can fix it.  I have health insurance and doctors and nurse practitioners who take care of me.

I have community theater…acting, directing, cheerleader…I have the Red Sox and the Patriots and the Celtics and the Bruins and the Revolution and PGA and LPGA golf and the Olympics and a wealth of other sports to watch…I have the luxury of having friends as my employers…makes it easier to go to work every day.

OK, one of the things for which I am really thankful is my job as a legal assistant for a sole practitioner…and if I don’t get up and get dressed, I won’t be doing my job, so…this is just my own little reminder that life is good…remind me when you hear me whining!<G>


2 Responses to “The blessings of life…”

  1. Marcia Says:

    And I am thankful that YOU are part of my life 🙂

  2. ragtopday Says:

    Wow – this is beautiful. A heartfelt reminder of all the blessings we have, most of which we don’t acknowledge on a regular basis, but are the ones that really matter. Wishing you a wondrous Wednesday.

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