Lazy, fragrant Sunday…

September 13, 2009

My Sunday didn’t start too lazily, although I did get in a couple of episodes of BBC’s Cash in the Attic.  I stoleborrowed hus’ big car and headed over to my theater group’s storage space in an old, converted mill building.  Unfortunately, we have recently had to start paying rent on the theater at Upper Town Hall, which is where we have performed for the last 15 years for free…so we can no longer afford the space that holds our costumes and props and flats and and and…breaks my heart to see flats that I helped build and paint or paper 10 years ago being walked out to the skip and tossed.  But it was necessary and we did a good job separating out what we can donate, what the senior class auction will take and what goes into the skip.  Got some good exercise lifting and toting.  Then I came home, did a rehearsal schedule and cast lists for the show I am currently directing and sent it to the cast for comments.  Woven in around all this has been the wonderful smell of food cooking.  Hus started smoking a huge pork butt and a couple of racks of ribs, to be devoured by him and his friends tomorrow night for the Patriot’s opening game.  I started a crockpot full of chili…ground turkey and kidney, pinto and black beans, also for the “guys”…the whole house is smelling very cumin-ie and chili-ie right now.  Finally, we put a pork tenderloin on the rotisserie on the grill which will be dinner, along with corn on the cob and couscous.  Leftover apple/asian pear cobbler for dessert and I will surely be so stuffed I will barely be able to breath.


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