Work, work, work…

September 11, 2009

It is 7:10am and I am just finishing up on an hour and a half of work on my second job (which is my avocation, community theater).  I’ll work my real job, then come home and spend a few more hours on my theater job.  Long days, lots of crazy, ADD brain gyrations that occasionally pop out interesting stuff…I guess I must love it because I keep doing it, year after year.  My latest madness was to post on my Facebook page that I could hook folks up with corporate ads and memberships and tickets for Washington Street Players‘ upcoming season…brazen hussy!

Bookcases!!!  We are glorying in new bookcases from Ikea…the Billy collection in black.  We bought four, two of which are already full.  There are still piles of books on the floor and old, sagging bookcases to be emptied and all four will be full in no time.  What a great feeling…walls of books…hundreds of scripts, musicals, technical theater handbooks…then there are old childhood favorites and college books and acquisitions along the way…soon it will all have a home.  Maybe we’re finally growing up.

Garden report is gloomy.  The purple cabbage and onions continue to grow and thrive…everything else is gone.  We still have grapes ripening, but it looks like a small crop this year.  I think birds may have eaten some of the grapes “before their time”…greedy birds, probably the same ones that slammed down hundreds of my asian pears…sniff, sniff…or was it the deer that wander through our neighborhood?


3 Responses to “Work, work, work…”

  1. MrAndrewIan Says:

    ah… basking in the glory of ikea 🙂

    Is that a new background I spy or have I been totally blind up until now?

  2. Patti Says:

    You can have some of my grapes…we have oodles this year. Aidan likes Thompson seedless and we grow Venus. boring boy, need hungry cousin to come over and eat grapes.

  3. Laura Says:

    I have two new Billy bookcases in white.
    I love the time after they are put together andI have all of that space ready to be filled however I want

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