Mars and Venus…

September 3, 2009

Men, men, men…I’m obsessed with men…two nights of auditions down, one to go.  I’ve been really happy to see so many new faces and a good level of talent and possibilities.  I’ve been really disappointed that I have only had one man show up.  This is a trend that has me concerned…we have had trouble casting men’s parts for a couple of years now.  As a result, I am on the prowl for plays with more women than men in the cast.  I knew going in that casting Prelude to a Kiss would be a challenge…I don’t like it, I want what every director wants…I want to have to make really hard casting choices…I want choices.  But for now, I’m obsessed with men, which makes me obsessed with women.  My head is spinning!

Speaking of women, Diane Sawyer is taking over the anchor chair at ABC News.  When Katie Couric took over the anchor chair at CBS News, her every word, every gesture, every look was criticised and held to an unnatural standard.  Wonder if it will be different for Diane because Katie is already there?  I was a radio newsperson back in the 70s…when I was hired, I was told that nobody wanted to hear women’s voices on radio.  I was the comic relief for the morning DJ, a guy who to this day just has to open his mouth and I dissolve in laughter…I set up his jokes and provided him fodder for fun.  But there were no women in the actual DJ chair…I honestly didn’t aspire to it, but of course I noticed.  We’ve come a long way, babee…


One Response to “Mars and Venus…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    It’s funny – the radio station I listen to in the morning has a man and a woman handling the DJ work – when he is in vacation they bring in another man to banter with her (always a man), but when she is on vacation he flies solo. And the show is never as good because part of the fun is listening to THEM, not just him.

    I hope Diane is able to slip right into that chair with nary a second thought to her hair style, verbal idiosyncrasies, or any of the crapola Katie had to put up with. Diane has 60 Minutes experience, so maybe she’ll have an easier time.

    We have come a long way (just watch a single episode of “Mad Men” to see for yourself), but we still have miles to go before we rest.

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