Ssssssteam heat…

August 21, 2009

After so many cold, rainy, gloomy days this summer, I vowed not to complain when it finally got warm.  So, this isn’t a complaint, more a comment.  We could use some rain, please.  The huge catnip plant picured below is now silver grey and completely wilted from the heat…

cat on nip

I have taken over the job of mowing the lawn, but when I went to start the machine last Sunday (after dropping SillyTaterTot at the airport), it sputtered, popped and stopped.  I checked all the basics, removed the foam air filter and washed it…nothing.  So, today my snowplow guy (who in the summer is the landscape guy) is coming to mow the shin-high grass.  It is so tall that he will have to collect the clippings and take them away (our mower composts as it mows, so we don’t normally collect).  Poor hus!  One of his first jobs, upon his return, will be to try to fix the mower…some homecoming, eh?

Crop report:  My cauliflowers are getting so big, I am going to have no choice but to harvest them.  I will miss those gorgeous white brainy-looking veggies peeking out from their leaf covers.  The red cabbage are magnificent…along with the cauliflower, the most satisfying veggies to grow.  The beets finished a close second.  The asian pears look like they are ripe, but they are still a little too hard for my liking.  The peas are getting the best of me…I promised the neighbors a bagful but it has been too hot to pick.  Blueberries abound and the copious number of grapes, while still unripe, are growing bigger by the hour.  I harvested two ears of corn which were deformed but at least vaguely looked like corn…didn’t eat them, just saving them for hus to look at before they go in the compost bin.  We do have some apples on the apple trees, but they, too, are pretty deformed.  We’ll leave them there for the birds.

Garden peas 2009

What’s in your garden (other than weeds, of course)?


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