Photographing real women…

August 20, 2009

I was blithely skipping through my Google Reader posts this morning when I came across a post from We’re The Real Deal…it made me stop in my tracks.  This is an issue I have been dealing with and trying to come to terms with for years and I was glad to see someone write and photograph so cogently.  One of the bloggers I follow runs, which prompts similar reconsideration of how we view ourselves.

I am a 58 year old woman with 58 years of experience and listening and learning under my belt (except I don’t wear belts).  I am the oldest of four girls and have spent a lifetime enjoying the company and friendship of women.  I think women are beautiful…I really do.  Except I have never once in my life FELT beautiful through and through.  I have been occasionally happy with how I look, but I have never had a photograph taken that I didn’t criticize, that I didn’t honestly feel was awful.  I look one way in my mind’s eye, but the mirror and the camera show a completely foreign person looking back.  My mind’s eye sees me as having good blonde hair, good skin, a lean physique, long, skinny legs, no butt, no hips, big boobs.  The camera sees frazzled weird blonde hair, squinty eyes, round cheeks, a heavy and wide midsection… WHAT?

As I said, I’m working on it.  My daughter can be quite brutal when she catches me saying negative things about myself.  I try to catch myself and change my thinking.  And I welcome gentle reminders from my friends when they hear me saying inappropriate things about myself.  But I am not alone here.  I don’t bet, but if I did, I’d bet the house that there are more out there who are too hard on themselves than there are those who accept what they can’t change and change how they think of themselves.  I want to get across the road to the other side and I want my friends and family to come with me.

Baby Katy with skinny mom and dad



2 Responses to “Photographing real women…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    Both you, and this post. I can totally relate.
    Here’s to appreciating our own beauty.

    Which was really hard for me to say, let alone do.

  2. Hope Says:

    I’m just like this. I think we’re very normal. First, frame this picture of you and Katy. It’s precious in many ways. We aren’t the 20 something like that chick with the baby up there. Lynna,
    you aren’t big. I am a size 14 at my thinnest. I battle weight all the time, and you know that I would never miss my hair appointment. I’ve started doing acrylic nails again. I love the sun and a tan. But, that’s all outside and again, you know so well the things that bubble out of me at times are the real thing. I cringe while reading what those with an inflated sense of self importance write for whatever reason. Are they trying to convince us or themsevles? Arrogance and rudeness come across in many ways other than our words. Your Peter, Katy, and Andy are the core of your existence. Your theatrical talent is so amazing. You act, you sing, you direct, you do whatever needs doing there. You are an awesome friend. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t just vent to you. My Jessica goes through the size thing over and over. She’s going to be like me and never a size 2. Oh well. She’s beautiful and healthy and I mean that. And, she has no clue even after a summer of rest, working out, and Weight Watchers success. Both of the twins are into healthy eating and exercise much like Katy. It is important to maintain and do whatever we can for our appearance but so much more crucial to maintain ourselves inside. Beauty is not just skin deep, it goes deep into our hearts.
    So there blondie:)

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