The photos in my head…

August 19, 2009

I had a great time at last weekend’s Healthy Living Summit…among my favorite parts were meeting inspiring women…

Cocktail party1

And spending time with my daughter…

Proud papa of the bride

And probably the best blood orange martini I have ever tasted…

Blood orange martini

OK, that is it for token photos.  My posts tend not to contain photos.  I spent the weekend with women who take photos of almost every moment of their lives…the advice the bloggers were given was to use really good photos…I understand where they are all coming from.

However, my own eye, in conjunction with my brain, takes photos that I could never have captured on camera.  The blue herons I have talked about…there is no place to stop to take photos.  But in my mind are countless images of empty heron nests atop tall, dead trees in a swamp, then big herons sitting on the nests, then the tippy tops of baby heron heads peeking over the edge of the huge nests, then baby herons peeking over the edges of the nests, then baby herons that are almost indistinguishable in size from their parents.  I carry around with me the changing landscape of my commute from one small Massachusetts town to a bigger small Massachusetts town…trees with their branches bowed and tangled over the road, tulips followed by irises followed by daylilies followed by annual gardens in full bloom and glory.  The images of horses and cows and llama and goats, with the occasional deer or turkey or hedgehog, brighten my day.

I love my eye/brain camera…wish I could share, but I’m sure you have your own.


One Response to “The photos in my head…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    I have always had an admiration for photography. I love looking at the winning photos in contests, in an art gallery, and on numerous photography related (and not) blogs I read. Since becoming a mom I take far more pictures than I used to (digital has helped too!) and I would love to be more “serious” about photography. My mom, otoh, always forgets her camera and takes a certain amount of pride in saying that her memory takes better pictures than any camera. But I know that for me, photos help me remember what might have become a forgotten detail. They pin down what this child was doing when the first tooth was lost. How big the dog was when that child learned to ride a bike. That we met this family and this, the ones who became such close friends, on that trip. I love photos – cameras and brains alike – and I don’t want to give up either. (gosh, this is practically a post in itself)

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