Hot, hot, hot…

August 11, 2009

The weather folk seem to be totally focused on the fact that it hasn’t reached 90 degrees in Boston (not officially, which is what they care about).  Well, that tidbit aside, we are in a humid, thick-aired trend…even with the window unit set on TURBO, we have been sweltering.  I am still doing my best not to complain about the heat, but I never said anything about humidity.  Blurk!

The Red Sox won last night…first win after 6 straight losses…and they tried really hard to lose again last night.  I’m just glad they are getting this out of their systems now.  I think my boss needs to go to more games (she was there last night).

I have to brag on my brassica…my red and green cabbages are doing incredibly well…first time I have ever successfully gotten more than a head of cabbage.  The lone cauliflower plant is putting forth two beautiful heads…I’m trying hard to be patient.  The only marginally successful plant is our broccoli plant…it seems to go straight from head to flower with no inbetween.  Oh, and we still have raspberries!!!  I am amazed…they are usually long gone by now.  The raspberry and blueberry bushes are cheek-by-jowl in the “berry patch” and this year, they are competing for space.<G>

Eunice Shriver passed away this morning.  A big ol’ tip of the hat to her for her good works, especially in founding the Special Olympics.

Hus is a very happy man these days…he LOVES the rotisserie unit we bought earlier this summer…turns his beloved Weber grill into a one skewer meal roaster…we have eaten a lot of rotissed food this summer.<G>  This weekend’s addition to the family, a 32″ HDTV for the bedroom, is the cherry on top…he is officially in blissland.

I miss Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe…he’s absent this week…love what he brings to the show.  Mark Halpern is really good, love to watch him.  And, of course, there is Willy…who doesn’t love Willy Geist?


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