Note to Self…

August 9, 2009

When some of your favorite bloggers migrate to their own domains, you must remember to update your Google Reader and your blogroll.  I couldn’t figure out why SillyTaterTot and A Night with the Hops were no longer appearing in my Google Reader.  Well, duh…

Had an amazing visit with son yesterday…a nice long drive up to Montpelier, the capitol of Vermont…bucolic, hippy town…lots of good food and drink nearby.  We took up furniture, filled up son’s refrigerator and pantry from the farmers’ market and the co-op (they have a really good coop there), then filled ourselves up at a brew pub down the road.  Yummmm…

Our return from Vermont was quite the mystery tour.  I don’t know exactly what happened to my husband’s Betty (GPS)…at one point during the day, we had her show us the scenic route.  We then put her back in “fastest route” mode, but she didn’t appear to listen.  We drove the most circuitous, back roads route we have ever taken through New Hampshire and into parts of Massachusetts I have never before visited…hardly an Interstate to be found.  We were just sad that it wasn’t looked like a really pretty drive.  We ended up back home in good time, so I guess we’re glad we had the little adventure.

We brought home with us a loaf of my son’s bakery’s ciabbata (Red Hen Bakery makes incredibly good bread) and have been munching on slices of ciabbata brushed with garlic butter toasted on the grill topped with sliced ripe tomatoes ohmygosh I could eat bread forever.  Absolutely delicious.  Later we are grinding meat for hamburgers, to be served with more ripe tomatoes that need to be eaten before the tomatoes in our garden fall off the vine.  More yum.

Best of all, I get to spend next weekend with my daughter!  Amazing…


One Response to “Note to Self…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    Your Vermont weekend sounds fab, and I cannot WAIT to hear about your upcoming weekend with your daughter! Grilled bread with garlic butter and tomatoes – mmmmmmm!

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