July 30, 2009

The good news is that it is warm…we spend so much time complaining about the cold…not today, not this week.  80s and 90s, spatters of rain, gray and soupy.  I feel as if I’m breathing steamy air into my lungs.

The bad news is that it is warm…my closet is full of pieces…I wear mostly separates, mostly Chico’s separates.  Lots of things to wear under and over other things.  But there is a dearth of sleeveless tops in there.  I garden from end of winter to beginning of winter.  I am a weeding fiend.  But I am also really sensitive to bug bites…they leave ugly, long-lasting welts on me…yuk.  So, I’m not comfortable wearing sleeveless.  This is only a minus when our hot, steamy weather stretches over days and weeks.  Each morning I stand in my closet, shaking my head.  Let’s see what I come up with this morning.<G>

I am the happiest mother in the world.  My son called me the other day, not because he needed anything, not because he was in trouble…he called me because we hadn’t talked since his visit down here a few weeks ago.  The way to a mother’s heart.  My daughter and I are going to have a girls’ weekend in Boston later this month.  I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I have taken to following a group of healthy, young food and lifestyle bloggers (all of them recommended by my daughter, all of whom are probably her contemporaries in age).  A while back, a group of these bloggers got together and put together a weekend event, The Healthy Living Summit, to be held in Boston.  My daughter immediately emailed me to say that I MUST go.  Turns out there were only 125 tickets available and a few thousand people wanted to go.  So, surprised was I to learn that I won the opportunity to buy a ticket!  Since then, I have been really sad that my daughter, who was the perfect choice to attend, couldn’t because she is in FL and the event is in MA.  Aha, says I…we will use miles to buy her a plane ticket and she will attend the Summit in my place.  But she would have none of that.  She did some research and a lot of outreach and, due to the misfortune of someone else with a ticket not being able to attend, came up with a ticket of her own!  So, my daughter and I will spend a weekend together, all by ourselves.  We’ll attend the cocktail party Friday night, the day-long seminars and samples and fellowship of the events on Saturday and then she will either do the Sunday morning fun run or will walk with me…we’re taking a wait-and-see on that one.  If you have checked out any of the interesting young women I mentioned in an earlier post, you will see that the weekend will also be FULL of people taking photos of food and drink and fellow bloggers and architecture and fun.  I won’t come out of it with many photos, because there will be so many others who will take pretty pictures and share them with me!<G>

The week before the Summit, hus and I will take a trip to Ikea, pick up son and his love’s sofa (plus a surprise housewarming gift for their new apartment) and then hit the road for Vermont.  We will drop the furniture, hopefully take the kids (I can call them the kids if I want to, so there) out for a bite or a sip, then come home.  So I will get to see all my kids (minus only my beloved and talented son-in-law who is staying behind in FL to mind the furry babies) very soon.  Happy mom.


2 Responses to “Ugh…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    Look at you, you linking fool, you! Love it!

    The Boston weekend with your daughter sounds awesome – something I would love to participate in – perhaps in another life! She’s very resourceful, that one, coming up with a ticket when there were none to be had!

    Oh, and bugs love me too. It must be because we are so sweet.

  2. Choff5 Says:

    That sounds like a fun weekend, actually two fun weekends including going to Vermont.

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