Sunny bits…

July 20, 2009

Gorgeous weekend…a little on the hot and sweaty side, but I am making an effort not to complain.   Woke up to sun through the shades…ahhhh…I’m happy to pay for it with a few thunderstormy days later in the week.

Didn’t get my biggest project even started this weekend, despite the sun…two rehabbed window frames on the front of the house are awaiting stain…it weighs heavily on my mind.

Did get my most important things done this weekend, though.  Spent Saturday morning walking the streets of Boston with an email friend…she is as awesome and inspiring as anyone else I know…I’m trying to style myself after her in a couple of areas of my life.  Then spent Saturday afternoon with a friend in need.  I tried to help keep her brain untaxed by making her pick her own bowl of raspberries for our snack and making her watch me water all our porch plants.  Sunday was a quiet day…woke up with a looming migraine, tried to ignore it…HA!  Weeded outside on a hillside, using it as a stretching exercise…lasted 45 minutes before pouring sweat made it just too uncomfortable.  A couple of headache pills, stretched out on the couch in a dark and very cool living room (thank you, window units) and my blanket over my head and suddenly, a few hours had miraculously passed and my head was well enough for me to rouse myself and head off to bed.  I was amazed that while I was awake then until nearly midnight, I got a good 5-1/2 hours to top off the 3 or so earlier in the evening.

My attention is starting to turn to my fall project…I’m directing a play, Prelude To a Kiss by Craig Lucas, auditions in September, performances in October and November.  I have been working on little bits for a long time…trying to come up with a logo for publicity use, taking the script apart, making notes and trying to hone my vision of the play.  The biggest hurdle I will face is being able to cast it.  I am trying to think only positive thoughts in that direction.

I have my annual physical this week…I have a list of things to talk to her about, but still need to update my list of medications and supplemnts.  I dread getting on the scale…these days, my blood pressure (which is often 90/50) starts off the appointment very high and I am convinced it is because I get weighed right before they take my blood pressure.  I know there is thyroid bloodwork in my future and suspect perhaps testing for Lyme disease.  Don’t think I have it, but I have been badly bitten for the past two summers…not always sure what is biting, but they take big bites!<G>  So, we’ll see what the doc says about everything.

I’m going to focus on making today a good day…having the sun shine into my office that is a 2nd floor, converted sun-porch and I am surrounded by tree branches…listening to the birds outside my windows…maybe even getting those boxes of files out of my office and over into the garage to make my office a little calmer.  Ahhhh….


2 Responses to “Sunny bits…”

  1. Marcia Says:

    I hope it WAS a good day. My last physical I closed my eyes during the weighing part and told them I didn’t even want to know.

  2. ragtopday Says:

    Pretty new blog design! So fresh! Weight? It’s just a number. Don’t allow a machine to dictate your mood. You are far more powerful than a silly electronic device.

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