Yummy bits…

July 17, 2009

Had the world’s best dessert last night…I took my little bowl out to the berry garden and picked a big bowl of raspberries…along the way, I found about 12 ripe blueberries which I added to the bowl.  A sprinkle of powdered sugar (totally unnecessary but…), a little milk and can you say YUMMMMMM?

I had a really weird dream last night.  I was acting in a show…it wasn’t opening night, rather right toward the end of the run.  I came in to the theater and couldn’t find my costume.  It was dark everywhere and it was really hard to see, so I had to keep looking in the same places over and over again…down long hallways, in closets, piled in corners…my costume was nowhere to be found.  At one point, I was looking for my script and couldn’t find that, either, which so would NOT happen…my script and I are one during the entire process of rehearsal and run.  I searched as the show went on without me.  The weirdest part was that NO ONE MISSED ME!!!!  I asked the actors after the show what they did and they acted as if they didn’t even know I hadn’t been there!  I guess that says something about how I’m feeling about my acting these days.  Of course, I haven’t been acting much (it was WONDERFUL playing Clairee last fall), so maybe that’s it.

My boss is in Israel.  How yummy is that?  I am chuffed for her.  Can’t wait for more photos…


2 Responses to “Yummy bits…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    That dessert sounds amazing! Yummmmmm!

    Dreams are so bizarre. I always try to figure out what mine are telling me too – last night mine was about Barack Obama accusing me of sexually harrassing Malia’s little friend (a boy). Which I was innocent of! I have NO IDEA where that came from!! (In my dream Michelle and I were good friends.) If you have a hidden message for THAT one, I’d love to hear it!

  2. Hope Says:

    I’ve let reading blogs slip for quite a while and am glad to be back to yours. I worried about you mowing grass all weekend…did you do that? You sound good:)

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