Brain fluff…

July 8, 2009

I’m falling into the trap of being hyper-focused on the weather.  It has been so rainy and gray that a day of sun, even an hour of sun, seems noteworthy.  But today, at least this morning, it is just plain dull.  Gray and not raining.  Don’t know what to wear…cheery and bright to counteract the gloom or black to give in.

I just set off the smoke alarm with my essence oil lamp…oops!  Gotta love these sensitive, hard-wired systems!<G>

Every time I pass the swamp where live the family of herons I think of Ragtop Day, one of my favorite blog friends.  I have never been able to get a photo because there are no pull-off places over the swamp.  Yesterday, three herons of equal size were sitting side by side (or is it wing by wing) on the edge of one of the nests…I think the babes are mostly grown now and are just enjoying the comforts of home too much to leave just yet.

Had to love a conversation with my son the other day.  He and his girlfriend spent 4 hours shopping in Ikea, furnishing the apartment they are moving into next month.  He sold his super gaming computer and used part of it for “splashing out” (gotta LOVE BBC’s Cash In the Attic <G>) on matching bedside lamps and a dining table…he said it is a major step on the path to growing up.  Love it.

The whole subject of Michael Jackson is so volatile, I won’t touch it, except to say  I have really loved all the old photos, old videos and the memories they evoked.  I didn’t get to watch or listen to anything live yesterday, but enjoyed 48’s MJ special last night.  A supremely talented man with a supremely weird path from childhood to adulthood.  Gotta love the music and the dance.


One Response to “Brain fluff…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    Aw! Thanks for thinking of me when you pass the herons!

    My kids, who never heard of Michael Jackson before he died, are absolutely fascinated with anything to do with him. I’ve pulled up some old music videos on You Tube and they love watching them, and really cannot understand his physical transformation. This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly is the most fought over item in the house right now, and I have watched exactly zero minutes of news coverage on the whole thing. His talent cannot be denied – it’s the personal life I can’t quite come to terms with. I wish his children peace and happiness – my heart aches for them.

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