Little bits again…

July 7, 2009

Hus says I have to stop calling them “the kids”…my “children” are now 26 and 29…harrumph…they will always be the kids to me.

Loving a half day with son and his girl…they came down from VT for a Red Sox game (boo hoo, they saw Smoltz drubbed and the Sox with only two hits; YES, they helped give Nomar his enormous welcome home from the Sox fans).  I’m taking them out to a deli (“their place”) and then they leave to go home to VT.

Amazing how three days of sun changed my outlook…it is supposed to rain for the next couple of days and I don’t even mind!<G>

Puck and Phoebe turned 1yo on July 4.  They weren’t allowed outside until after they had healed from their “female” surgeries, so this summer has really been their first in the outside world.  As they tramped through snow piles three times their height last winter, Hus promised them that they would LOVE spring and summer.  And they do.  They come with me when I weed or pick raspberries, they love to roll in the garden dirt and they especially love to hide in the lushness of our plants and garden beds watching the world go by.  Two very happy kitties…

Phoebe in the catnip

Phoebe in the catnip


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