4th of July…

July 4, 2009

For some reason, this year’s 4th of July seems a bit odd…July 4th is a Saturday in the midst of what has been a very rainy and overcast spring and early summer…today, the sun and clouds have been battling and we’ve enjoyed a nice breeze.  We took advantage of early sun and worked outside until noon.  Now we are lounging and watching the Red Sox play the Mariners.  Later today, we will give the hub’s new rotisserie a first try with chicken breasts (all we have)…he can’t wait.  I don’t think we can see any fireworks from here, so we will just listen to the neighborhood kids shoot off whatever it is they shoot off.

We are currently picking asparagus (still, can’t believe it has lasted this long) and raspberries…blueberries are plumping but are still green…lots of tiny baby grapes, which bodes well for later in the summer.  That’s it, so far.

I have added a few new young lady bloggers to my Google Reader and it has changed the way I look at food.  I don’t know how to add links within this post, but Carrots ‘N’ Cake, Eat, Live, Run, Hangry Pants, Kath Eats Real Food, The Inner Workings of a College Graduate and LoveIn My Tummy all blog about healthy food…lots of photos of what they eat.  Interesting…interesting young ladies.  I already eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but they’ve got me thinking.  And, of course, I owe this all to darling daughter who recommended them to me.  I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of them at the Healthy Living Summit later this summer.

Here’s to enjoying the holiday in whatever way you most enjoy…and here’s to all of us who are the United State of America.


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