Life without color…

July 2, 2009

Here in New England, we have had a spring that has been largely gloomy, dark, foggy, rainy andgray.  H owever, in those moments of sun and light that we have enjoyed were all the gorgeous colors of spring…green, green grass (which always needs to be mowed because we have to wait until it stops raining to mow), red raspberries, shades of purple iris, blue skies with puffy white clouds, red, yellow and blue birds on the feeders…beautiful, vivid colors.  I know this sounds silly, but today I am thankful for a life with color…life without would be sad.

For my friends who are selling and buying houses right now, if business in our office is indicative, houses are starting to move again.  Getting financing might be a little more tricky, but don’t despair, it is out there.  Your attorney can probably direct you to lenders who are active right now.

I have my annual physical this month and I am dreading it even more than I usually do.  I have gained a few pounds when my doc wants me to lose a few pounds.  I have a persistent ache right below my ribs/above my stomach, diaphragm area, probably because I gained a few pounds when I should have lost a few.  I’m thinking my thyroid levels are out of whack because my normally abnormal brain processes are more abnormal than they normally are.  Depression that is normally held at bay with meds is wriggling to free itself.  I’m fighting back.

I have added a little exercise to my life, though.  The first two days of the week, I walked around the neighborhood, about a half hour each evening.  Last night, I spent 10 minutes on the treadmill set pretty fast.  Wonder what I’ll do tonight?  Maybe a yoga session On Demand?

Work continues on Prelude To a Kiss.  I read it and imagine it and take notes and make lists and dream…I want it to be simple and beautiful, with all the attention on the actors rather than the set.  I have a producer and a sound designer, but am still looking for a stage manager.  Slowly, but surely it takes shape.


One Response to “Life without color…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    I like your optimism on the color front – lately it’s just so many shades of gray! And now that summer is officially here the cold, rainy gray-ness is just adding insult to injury. I know I am not alone when I say I miss the sun!

    Good on you for adding exercise! It always makes me feel so much better, body and soul. Fight back!

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