June 20, 2009

My husband plays golf.  He grew up playing with his parents on incredible courses in exotic world locales (my beloved f-i-l was with the State Department and my husband and his brother lived in Brazil and Mexico and London, with home stays in VA in between, plus my beloved m-i-l is Australian, a WWII war-bride).  Twice I have given him travel cases for his clubs for Christmas so that he could safely transport his clubs wherever he was traveling…golf and baseball games are the his diversions when he is on one of his long work trips.  Obviously, golf is an integral part of his life.

That said, certain golf tournaments are treated as national holidays in our home.  This weekend, it is U.S. Open weekend and our lives revolve around it.  My husband is home for this one, so I don’t have to run around like a crazy, trying to be sure that I set the DVR correctly to record every moment of the tournament.  The good news is that chores around the house get done, as we have TVs in almost every room of our house.

This U.S. Open has been quite an adventure for the world’s best golfers.  Pouring, soaking, drenching rains have stopped play and have thrown the order of things into a mess.  It took two days for the players to finish one round.   They have started the second round now and are hoping to get that in before the next surge of pouring, soaking, drenching rains blow in.  My Tiger is so far off the lead, he will be hard-pressed to catch up.  Phil Mickelson is up there, riding the wave of sympathy and love from the crowds, in support of his wife’s battle with breast cancer.  The amateurs are making a good showing, with one of them currently on the leader board.  This one should be interesting.

P.S.  No, I don’t play.   My father is a really good player but I was a tennis player and a swimmer…never felt the urge to pick up the sticks.  Then I met my husband and allowed him to talk me into playing with him and his family…I even took a couple of lessons.  I am a natural, have a good swing and occasionally hit a really good shot.  But then there are the ten shots inbetween each good one that make the game intolerable for me.  I am too ADD to think that hit walk walk walk wait wait hit walk walk walk wait wait is any fun.  I’ll hit balls at the range, but otherwise, I go shopping when they all hit the links.<G>  I do, however, watch golf with my husband.  People think I’m nuts, but…


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