Rainy little bits…

June 12, 2009

It has been a gloomy, dank and sprinkly last few days, but today it is pouring!!!  The gardens, the lawn, the new pear tree…they are all drinking in the liquid gloriousness.  The down side is that the veggie garden is looking totally weed-choked…I guess that’s where I will be spending what non-rainy moments there may be this weekend.

I have a new Thursday night date with my daughter on Twitter.  Thursday nights, 9-10pm, tweeters from ’round the world log on and join the #ageop chat…the focus is on issues of interest to 50+ Boomers, but all ages are welcome.  My daughter, the executive producer of GrowingBolder.com, started the tweet chat and it is now the highlight of my Thursday evenings.  I participate through tweetchat.com, which makes it easier to follow, but it is fast-paced and interesting and fun and a real brain-stretcher.  Even better is to go back after it is all over and read everything that flew past so fast the first time around!<G>  That hour passes in the blink of an eye.  If you tweet, come try it.  You’ll find out more at http://growingbolder.com/ageofopportunity.  And, no, I am paid nothing to express my appreciation for #ageop.<G>

I haven’t talked about the cats lately.  Puck and Phoebe are young cats now; they turn 1 on July 4.  They are such a joy.  They are fun to watch and snuggly (when they want to be) and make us laugh.  I LOVE our cats.

Snuggle cats

Snuggle cats

Love hearing good news from family…son sounds so happy with life, it is a joy.  He and his girlfriend are enjoying the wonders of Vermont in the spring with lots of camping and hiking and fresh food.  I like it when my kids are happy.

Theater stuff is wearing me out…I need a change of attitude…a change of something, anyway.  All I ever wanted to do is act and direct…I wish that’s all it was now.  That said, I don’t know what I’d do without it, so…

I’m directing Prelude To a Kiss (by Craig Lucas) in the fall; even though auditions won’t be until August, the fun starts now as I work on the script and figure out my plan.  As much as I would LOVE to audition for the second show of our season, Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, I don’t think I have the stamina it would take to even audition for the part of Martha.  My plan is to audition for our third show of the season, Nuts (by Tom Topor), as I haven’t acted with our group in a while.  Steel Magnolias was with another group…kind of a trip to be JUST an actor.<G>

I guess this does qualify as little bits…what a collection…


One Response to “Rainy little bits…”

  1. Heidi Lou Says:

    So, you’re telling me that I need a TweetChat, in addition to my TweetDeck? I don’t know why this Twitter thing feels so complicated to me. The Thursday night thing sounds fun, except that I’m usually traveling on Thursday nights …. although I got home early enough last night that I could have done it. I just didn’t think of it. Oh well.

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