So much to do…

June 3, 2009

I find Spring absolutely exhausting.  There is always more to do than there is time in which to do it.

Spring in community theater is finishing up the current season and preparing for the next season.  It is “out with the old” and “find a place for the new”.  It is recruiting new members, applauding longtime members, advertising, marketing, website rehab…we do it for love, but I wish there were more of us to feel that love.<G>

Spring in the garden and yard is huge…thank goodness I LOVE to weed.  The veggies out in the main garden are flourishing (except where one of our cats adopted a corn plant and has loved it to death), the irises are full and bright patches of royal purple and maroon and cream and bright yellow, the wet garden my son planted last year is in full glory with bleeding hearts that are STILL beautiful, violas, irises, violets, mint and some names unknown to me plants that the boy needs to name for me.  I love it, but it never ends.  Then there are the rock gardens and the asparagus patch and the blueberries and raspberries and grapes…all that needs to be done haunts me, makes me feel guilty for not working on it all the time.  But it is very forgiving.  A few hours here and there and everything looks so good, even if just for a moment.

Spring indoors is yearning to be outdoors.  I still have to do the big clothing and shoe switchover and the paper piles are tipping over and the vacuuming and the dusting and the decluttering and the…

When push comes to shove, Spring is wonderful.


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