It has been too long…

May 17, 2009

It has been almost a month since my last post and for that I am humbly penitent.  Around this time each year, it is if my brain gets overloaded and decides to go walkabout.  I’m hoping it comes home soon.

We finally got the vegetable garden tilled and mostly planted…I’m still looking for two red cabbage plants and two Brussels sprouts…planted two new grapes and two blackberries.  Today, I will plant the last of the herbs and the tomatoes on the deck and hopefully have time for a bit of weeding between raindrops.  I’m researching mulch or hay or straw or something to keep the weeds down, didn’t want to go with the black landscaping stuff.  Soon it will be weeding, weeding and more weeding.  But I love it.  I actually look forward to going out to weed…a sickness, but I freely confess it. [Well, we’re back inside, nursing my back spasms…so much bending and stretching both days…got a lot of things planted, some weeding done, don’t feel too guilty.]

Hard time of year to be in community theater, as well.  We are consolidating and have to move years worth of furniture, props, costumes and assorted STUFF out by the first of June….a parade of memories of shows I have worked on over the last 14 years…a wall paper here, a gown there…so sad to see it go, but can’t afford to keep it anymore.  Also working on new season, deciding order of shows, directors, venues…all that good stuff that is necessary but so much work.

I’m actually growing roses!!!  We have tried to grow roses since we moved into this house 14 years…we amend the soil, plant and they die.  A couple of years ago, we managed to keep two alive, now it is four and we planted a new, healthy one yesterday (don’t know what kind, beautiful yellow with red or pink edging (changes as the rose ages)…I’m hopeful!

OK, now we’re off to make pizza dough for a thin crust pizza for dinner…yum!


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