Light at the end of the tunnel…

March 26, 2009

Real estate sales are starting to pick up in our neck of the woods.  With interest rates dropping to recent lows, lots of folks are refinancing, which can be pretty smart, depending on what type of loan you are refinancing.  Lots of people who want/need to sell are starting to see action.  And there are people who want/need to buy and who are seeing prices and interest rates they just can’t pass up.  This all makes me very happy on a number of levels…as a homeowner who will need to sell in the next few years, as a legal assistant who depends on real estate transactions to help fill her work hours, as the mother of grown children who are struggling with housing needs themselves, as an American who celebrates every ray of hope that things are going to be okay.

Speaking of light, yesterday I was sitting, err, reclining on my bed with my laptop on my lap working on my night job (acting and directing and everything else with my community theater group) when I realized that it was 5pm and it was still light!  And not barely light, light light.  WOW!  Of course, at 6 o’clock this morning, as I type this, it is still mostly dark.  You get something, you lose something.

Speaking of light, I am so very NOT light right now.  I have been carrying around extra pounds for a long time (10, according to my doc, 20, according to me), but this is serious.  I have been a junk food consuming maniac for the last few weeks, with my gluttony hitting a high this week.  One night this week, my dinner consisted of a whole container of Chunky Monkey and two bottles of water.  I need to take inspiration from my daughter ( and go back to my veggie eating ways.  This weekend, I’m going to prepare my bowl of cut up salad goodies (red cabbage, carrots, celery, peppers, jicama, cucumber and whatever else from the veggie aisle that appeals to me) and my bowl of mixed beans (chick peas, kidney beans, cannelloni beans are my staples) and eat from that all week.  A bowl of veggies with some fat free ranch or Italian dressing whenever I feel hungry will make me feel a lot better, I suspect.  I may even cook up a batch of that zero point soup I used to make when I was in Weight Watchers.  It can’t hurt.

OK, it is getting light outside, which means it is time to get ready for work.  I’m going to try to keep light thoughts today.


One Response to “Light at the end of the tunnel…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    Oh, Starstruk, I am right there with you on this one too. I’m happy to say my WW efforts, while maddeningly slow, are paying off. Better than seeing the number on the scale go down is that I actually feel better. The first week or two was REALLY hard cutting out all the junk I love so much, but once I got over the hump it was easier. Not easy. But easier. I did eat a half gallon of ice cream in 24 hours earlier in the week. But that’s because I gave in and bought it “for the kids”. I know better than to even bring it into the house. Some foods are single serving packages, no matter how big the package is – ice cream is one of them. Good thing I’ve never bought a 5 gallon tub….

    Anyway, light thoughts! Light thoughts!

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